5 Best Questions to ask a Wedding Photographer

December 12, 2022

It’s engagement season and the wedding photography inquiries are flowing in. So I’m going to share the 5 best questions to ask a wedding photographer to help you find the perfect one!

After 250+ weddings and 10+ years building genuine relationships with my wedding photography clients, they’ve taught me about how they see & feel their photographs long after the confetti has settled… and now I’m going to share their advice with you!

Couples expect to get lovely details and pretty portraits in their wedding photos–as they should! But what people often don’t realize when they’re booking their wedding photographer, is how valuable the photos of how they FEEL about each other, about their loved ones, and the whole day in general, come to be.

After a lifetime together, HOW YOU FEEL IS WAY MORE MEANINGFUL than another portrait. Wedding photos that help you REMEMBER WHAT YOU FELT have everlasting value for you, and the generations to come.

I hope this shift in perspective inspires you to really think about what your wedding photography means for now, and for ever! Now here are the 5 best questions to ask a wedding photographer so you can be sure that they’re going to give you photos that truly reflect the most important thing about your wedding: how you feel.

Can you walk us through your whole process?

Why you should ask it: While you’re hiring your wedding photographer for your wedding, you’ll also be talking, emailing and following them for months, even years–depending on when you book.

Why it works: This will give you a sense of what happens before, during and after the wedding. You’ll learn everything that goes into your photos.

Bonus: If there’s care and attention in their process, you can bet your photos will be treated with the same ethic.

How do you shoot candid wedding photography?

Why you should ask it: Meaningful candid photos capture unscripted moments you have with each other and your loved ones. And there’s going to be a lot!

Why it works: If your photographer doesn’t have candids in their portfolio, or they don’t seem stoked about shooting candids, or they redirect you to how ‘natural’ your portrait session will be, your photos are unlikely to include genuine reflections of the feelings you experienced throughout the rest of your wedding day.

Bonus: Candid wedding photos are the photos that remind you of why you love these people. It’s what you remember about them when you get old!

How do you shoot wedding portraits?

Why you should ask it: Knowing how a wedding photographer shoots couple and family portraits tells you if things are going to be natural… or potentially awkward.

Why it works: Portraits are a big part of the day. But if it sounds like portraits are going to take a long time, that’s a long time away from your guests, and a long time people will miss you or worse, get bored!

Bonus: You learn whether you’ll be holding poses for an eternity, or if the portrait session will be easy and natural. This will give you a sense of how much time you’ll be spending away from your guests, and if that time away is going to suit your vibe.

What’s YOUR favourite photo and why?

Why you should ask it: How your wedding photographer values their own personal photos gives you insight into their motivations–why they shoot what they choose to shoot–and if that aligns with you.

Why it works: There’s SO MUCH going on at a wedding, photographers are always choosing where and when they’re going to click that shutter. Their answer to this question is a great gauge of what they’ll be drawn to at your wedding!

Bonus: If you feel similarly about your own favourite photos, you can guess that their vibe is going to be ON POINT with you.

Why should we hire you?

Why you should ask it: This is the clearest way to know if they’re the perfect wedding photographer for you.

Why it works: It’s a no-nonesense question that gives you an honest answer. If you like their answer, you can feel confident in hiring them.

Bonus: You get a wedding photographer that truly fits you and your wedding day!

REAL TALK about the 5 Best Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer

Here’s something that no one told me when I hired my own wedding photographer: Your wedding photographer will be with you long after the wedding.

That probably sounds weird.

But you’re going to spend one of the most important days of your life with this  person, AND you’ll be looking at the images this person made for many years to come.

By default, you will remember any good or not-quite-right vibes you shared with them.

So if you love their website or Insta but talking with them is a bit off, keep looking for the right one.

And if all you see is pretty portraits and lovely details in their portfolio, consider what your wedding photos are for:

Do you want to remember what you looked like on your wedding day?


Do you want to remember what you looked like AND be able to FEEL what you FELT on your wedding day?

I hope learning the 5 best questions to ask a wedding photographer helped you think more deeply about WHY you’ll want to hire a wedding photographer.

If you want to learn more about getting the best wedding photographer for you, email me here.

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