Alison & Jeremy


June 15, 2024

BRIDE AND groom walk on a mountain top for their kootenay elopement photography

Genuine reflections of who you are

and who you love.

Candid, honest and beautifully imperfect.

We create a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. We feel like a guest with a camera. We allow moments to naturally unfold, so we can creatively capture them for you.

You deserve to reflect on your wedding day with moments to relive, and many that you never even knew were happening!

We promise to be everywhere and nowhere all at the same time, and to gather up each and every second with grace, honour and a healthy dose of humour.

Your wedding is a rare and special occasion, a meeting of all the people, all the pieces, that have created who you are and have brought you to this moment.

This day will never happen again. You're hoping to remember, to truly feel, what this day was: the beginning of the rest of your lives together.

You want to feel what you felt. Your photographs will take you there.

Bride and groom laugh together as they walk through vineyards at the oak estate winery wedding by kelowna wedding photographer

bride and groom celebrate at blaylock mansion wedding near nelson bc

The Proposal

Guests on the deck of west coast wilderness lodge wedding

The Basic Collection

8 Hours covers the basics of your day, but may not allow for schedule concerns. It's do-able, but can tend to feel a little rushed.

+ 8 hours of consecutive coverage with Associate

+ >500 edited images, edited and curated by Bobbi

+ unlimited pre-wedding consultations & guidance with Bobbi

+ online gallery for viewing, sharing and ordering photos

Investment - 5,195


The Classic Collection

10 Hours provides complete flexibility throughout your day, allowing for schedule hiccups as well as time to relax and flow into the evening with your people.

+ 10 hours of consecutive coverage with Associate

+ >650 edited images

+ unlimited pre-wedding consultations & guidance

+ online gallery for viewing, sharing and ordering photos

+ twenty page, 20 photo Artisan album with linen cover (10x10)

CLICK HERE to see the Artisan Album

Investment - 6,450


"Being with THEM is like being with an old friend!

Kind Words

... he was everywhere yet hardly noticed at times. And in the times he was interacting with the people/ photo opportunity everyone felt comfortable.

Looking through some of the photos, we would say, 'Wow, I didn’t even know he was there' or 'oh my gosh, that is the perfect moment to capture!'

You truly created an environment that felt fun, safe and unique! Our album is stunning and we're so grateful to have had you both as part of our wedding story."

Let's lock in your date!



This proposal expires in 72 hrs...

Even if you don't have all the details figured out, you can still reserve your date.


We're so excited... when will we get our photos?

After I get the cards from his camera, I meticulously go through each and every image, then edit them so that your story is truly told. I then send you a few sneak peeks within a few days of your wedding (unless I'm traveling). My goal is then to send you your gallery within 4-6 weeks.

But, it may take me up to 3 months, depending on my schedule. This doesn't happen very often, but a little padding so you're not too tingly with anticipation sets us both at ease!

Can you recommend a trusted wedding PLANNER? Videographer? Florist? All of the things?

I sure can! Even though I'm not there on the day of your wedding, I'm with you every step of the way before and after, throughout this whole journey!

We've photographed hundreds of weddings and I've seen an infinite number of creative combinations of vendors, ceremony styles and schedules. I can share any and all ideas.

We want youR TEAM to DOCUMENT OUR WEDDING, but can we wait to book you? Do you offer payment plans?

I totally understand all the pieces that have to fit before you make the final decisions.

But at the risk of being booked by the time you make your decision, you can pay the booking fee so that you know I'm there for you. Then I'm officially yours, and we can figure out the details as they fall into place. The non-refundable booking fee is 30% of the price of the collection.

Payment plans are available, individualized to what you need.

bride and groom dance at their wedding reception in nelson bc

"She gets the real moments - the really important ones - but manages to capture the magic too."

Kind Words

Every time I look at a photo I’m brought back to that day. We really wanted a more candid style, pictures that made you feel like you were there again, and she did the most amazing job!

It was exactly the things we were looking for and all the things we didn’t know we wanted. She worked her magic to help us capture those precious hours so perfectly.

- Brittany & Mike