BC Elopement Photography

March 7, 2022

BC Elopement Photography

Love is an adventure… your elopement should be, too!

When I first met with Amy and Jenn they had just purchased their dream home on upper Arrow Lake. It’s in a super secluded spot (it took me SEVERAL tries to find it, LOL!), right on the lakeshore. Their view down the lake is incredible! The most perfect of places for BC elopement photography!

At first, they wanted to take the whole day to themselves. We were going to start at their place, then hike to two alpine spots so they could have their ceremony with witnesses then say their private vows together. But as their date neared and they spent more time in their home, they started to think how special it would be to have their ceremony right on the shore below the giant willow tree, where they could see it every day.

The beauty of planning elopements is that because it’s just you, plan changes are no big deal. ESPECIALLY when it makes your day even more meaningful.

So we switched it up, and kept everything right there, right in the place they’d been looking to find for a very long time. They invited their closest family members, and had Sepideh from Vida Ceremonies host a beautiful ceremony.

We then took some time to walk around the property for photos and later, went to a spot I’d scouted while driving to their house. While mountain peaks are usually epic, sometimes the simplest place is the prettiest. And that was the case for Amy and Jenn. There’s a beautiful meadow near their house, and I knew the light would be setting over the tall grasses right around the time they’d be saying their vows. But even more important, it’s a spot they’ll pass every day. And they’ll think about their vows, their commitment to each other, every time. And that’s pretty darn special.

Amy also knew she wanted one thing: fireworks. It was the perfect cap to an awesome day. I asked Amy and Jenn what the day was like for them, and here’s what they had to say:

“Our favourite part of the day was in the meadow! Jenn says the fireworks also! I love that you picked that spot because every time we drive by it we think of that day and our vows, we bring it up to each other and it brings back good feelings!

We chose you for our BC elopement photography because … your webpage was super inviting and when we spoke to you, you had a very welcoming and fun energy!

Our wedding advice for couples in the future….make this day about you, it’s not about your guests, the weather or what you’re wearing. Your wedding day will last forever in your hearts, so make it everything you every wanted!”