Blaylock Mansion Wedding

August 4, 2021

Sarah and Jay planned their Blaylock Mansion wedding without even seeing the venue… that’s how convinced they were that it would be perfect. But this confidence in their decisions wasn’t just about the wedding. It defines their whole relationship. I’ll let Sarah and Jay explain more about their Blaylock Mansion wedding, and planning a wedding during a pandemic!

Says Sarah, “I had always wanted a small wedding and little did we know that a worldwide pandemic would make that dream come true out of necessity! Although we had been teaching at the same school for four years, we only started dating right before the pandemic started. Our entire relationship and engagement took place in the strangest of circumstances but we didn’t want to wait until who knows when things go back to “normal.” We knew that no matter what, we wanted to start our lives together. Planning it was somewhat stressful because we didn’t know if we could have just us, or ten people, or 50. We also really wanted my parents to come from Ontario and even that was up in the air as to whether it could happen.

Jay is a big planner and loves lists and getting things done early, so he organized a lot of the wedding! We knew that we wanted Jay’s kids to be a part of the wedding and they were thrilled to be maid of honour and best man. Throughout the ups and downs of changing plans with the pandemic, we always kept saying to each other, “It doesn’t matter what happens with the wedding, as long as you show up!” In the end, it was so fulfilling to see Jay and his kids standing at the front, with our closest friends and family there to be a part of our special day. We got together during a pandemic, we got married during a “heat dome”… we can take on anything. 

How did you pick Blaylock Mansion for your wedding?

We actually just picked it on the map! We wanted an intimate setting, preferably a big house that could hold our families. We didn’t want to have our families staying in hotels during the pandemic, and the Blaylock was simply perfect. We called and booked it without even seeing the place! 

What wedding vendors did you choose for your Blaylock Mansion wedding?

I loved my dress from Durand Bridal in Calgary. Jay’s mom came with me to choose a dress and we had my mom on FaceTime from Ontario! Our flowers were done by Kelly Marshall from Blumery Floral and we had so many compliments on them! She was lovely to work with. Our guests also loved the duo Rumour Mill who played during the ceremony and cocktail hour. Our food from the Adventure Hotel was delicious – my brother asked me if I could get the recipe for the potatoes from them and Jay’s son literally had an entire plateful of just the potatoes! I think the truffles and asiago cheese had something to do with it! Our cake looked even better than the picture I sent to Wabie from Starbird Bakehouse.

As for our wonderful photographer… Bobbi, at the end of the night, my dad who is one of the hardest people to please, turned to me and said in his thick Irish accent, “That photographer you got, she was excellent. Sure, you didn’t even know she was there!”  You have a way of capturing moments perfectly. Neither of us are used to having our picture taken, but you felt like a friend right away when we met you for our engagement photos. We would absolutely recommend you to everyone! 

Thank you, Sarah and Jay! I think I can speak for all of the Nelson BC wedding vendors when I say it was a delight to be there for you on your very special day… made even more special by sailing through a pandemic and a heat dome, your lives together are sure to be rock solid!