Brand photography

Brand Photography for Products and People who Heal

It’s about how you make your clients feel.

You're looking for a brand photographer who understands your CONNECTION to your clients.

Someone who gets what you do.

Someone who knows how to capture the FEELING in your work.

Because your work is all about the feels, and you want clients who want to connect with you.

You want your clients to wholeheartedly TRUST that you've got their back.

And they will.

Because I have yours.

woman holds hands over chest in photo of bioenergy healing

Brand Photography & Website Copy Services

You want your clients to feel like they're in good hands.

I want you to feel that way, too.

We start with photography, my main storytelling tool.

Then, we move onto creating the words that speak to your people, and creating the social media content to keep you going.

Packages for photography or photography and copy available.



• Website and social media copy

Starting at $2490

• Photography
• Social Media content

Starting at $850

Brand Photography for Products and People who Heal




Calling all Self-Care Advocates & Artists

Calling all Gym and Yoga Studios

Calling all Therapists

If it feels good, do it. I'm talking to the jewellers, the crafters, the artists. If you do it for the sake of making you or your client feel good, you're a healer in my books.

And I'd love to work with you.

And then there's the heroes at the gym, the yoga studios, the dance studios, the places we go when we need to get our sweat on, to work it out before it works us over.

You get it.

So who are people who heal?

Therapists are the first to come to mind. Mental health counsellors. Bio-energy healers. Massage therapists. Acupuncturists.

You get it.

Woman doing hot yoga at Bambu Hot Yoga in nelson bc

A little about me...

Portrait of Nelson BC photographer Bobbi Barbarich

So what qualifies me to tell your brand story?

I'm an award-winning documentary photographer. I've been a freelance writer for decades. I'm a business owner.

I've been telling human stories forever.

I understand the blood, sweat and tears it takes to put yourself out there and make money doing it.

I understand the trust you need to feel when you hire someone to take your business, your baby, to the next level.

Bobbi Barbarich

Brand Photographer

Story Teller. Dog Lover. Piggy Backer.

Who am I?

I love reading memoirs because they remind me that honest stories inspire me.

I love running through the woods and over mountains with my dogs, because nothing smells better than petrichor and sunshine.

I love giving people (who want them) firm hugs and piggy backs because nothing feels better than knowing you're supported and loved.

Woman lighting candle in healing ceremony

Authentic, engaging photography lights up your clients.

You're a healer. You're an artist. You're a go-getter.

But your website is blah. And your socials are meh. And you're tired of not having the photos or the words to reach your people.

I can help.

Let's talk about it.

Honest, thoughtful storytelling connects you with your clients.



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