Nelson BC Wedding Photography
Nelson BC Wedding Photography
Nelson BC Wedding Photography
Nelson BC Wedding Photography
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Documentary wedding Photography:

Photos that tell your real life love story

You can live in the moment, drinking in every single thing, knowing you can come back to that very second when you hold your wedding photos in your hands. Now, and when those hands are creaky with age.


Available for British Columbia weddings, serving destinations worldwide. Specializing in documentary wedding photography, for real life love story lovers.

When you look at your wedding photographs, you’ll feel the millions of emotions that passed through your bodies, all the time that passed way too fast. Your wedding is the only time in your lives that this special group of people will be together. There will be so many things you didn’t even realize were happening.

After all of your planning, anticipation and excitement, your wedding photographs are what you will be able to hold in your hands. They're how you'll remember the people you love long after they’re gone. 

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"More than just photos."

Every photo she takes is so incredibly beautiful. They capture so much emotion in creative ways that bring back the feeling of what was happening.

- M&B

Bride and groom dance to tiny dancer at their intimate nelson bc wedding

"Bobbi was there for us."

She makes beautiful, candid shots that bring you instantly back to the second in time. We forgot she was there, and enjoyed every moment, knowing she captured them all for us.

- V&P

"We didn't worry about a thing."

Bobbi captured details of our wedding that we didn't even see. Needless to say there were a lot of surprised laughs and happy tears every time we go through our photos.

- K&S

blaylock mansion wedding ceremony shot on film
black and white film photo of groom delicately moving bride's dress strap onto her shoulder in nelson bc wedding

hybrid photographer

I shoot with both film and digital. My 35mm Pentax K1000 camera is my favourite. I love the soft documentary style of this iconic camera. I also use a medium format Fuji 6x4.5 and a fun Holga 120N.

wedding guests drink shots from a ski at their british columbia wedding

young kid peeks at her uncle as he gets dressed for his wedding

the whole STORY

Because your wedding isn't about the time when a photographer was there. Your love story is the entire day, the whole weekend, and all the people who matter to you.

You are the hub of a wheel, and each spoke extends to someone incredibly important to you, someone who played a part in helping you become who and be where you are.

I photograph the whole wheel, how everyone comes to revolve and celebrate with you... not just a few hours of it nor a few posed representations of what I think you should look like.

I'm a documentarian, not a director. The most beautiful, meaningful, and genuine photographs come from you relishing this time with your people. I simply photograph how that felt.



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