Choosing a Candid Wedding Photographer

February 29, 2020

Britney and Kyle were looking for a candid wedding photographer who could capture the essence of what was important to them, their people and their relationships. They met on a snowboarding trip and have been inseparable since. It’s clear why: they both relish adventures, whether those are in their Nelson BC backyard or in a far flung corner of the universe with any number of their huge circle of like-minded friends. Their wedding was going to be a giant celebration of love and laughter, and posed portraits weren’t high on their priority list. When they saw my work, they knew my perspective was the perfect match for their energy.

Candid Wedding Photographer

I am a documentary photographer, which means I photograph in the moment, also known as candid. I make images that describe what people feel and who they are, rather than just what they look like. While we do some posing during the portrait time, my direction is a means to catch an element of your personality or relationship. So even when you’re “posing,” I’m working to make a photo that shows who and what you love.

Throughout the rest of the day, I’m just part of the environment! Couples often comment that I either fit in perfectly with their guests, or that they forgot I was there. Both perspectives tell me that my approach will give them the candid wedding photographs they’re looking for.

Is there still time for wedding portraits?

As a candid wedding photographer, we will still take time to make awesome portraits–but you’ll be moving around rather than the more traditional posed style of wedding photography, and we’ll probably spend less time making the portraits. This gives you more time with your guests, which is what couples like Kyle and Brittney really want.

They’d been to lots of weddings where the couple and the wedding party were gone for a few hours during the day, and they felt that with people travelling from several provinces away, and some even other continents, that they didn’t want to be gone for long, if at all. So shortly after their ceremony at the Vallican Whole Community Centre—a place where guests can camp, if needed, and caterers like Wicked Southern BBQ have room to set up their feast—we went for a 20 minute walk in the forest. That’s it!

Before their ceremony at Vallican Whole, they also planned a backyard wedding with elements from wedding ceremonies all over the world. Their friends planned the unique ceremony and surprised the couple with ceremonies that included log cutting, being tied together, and exchanging wooden spoons. It was a, entertaining and educational tribute to their world travels!

Candid wedding photography or traditional?

The best advice I can give people about choosing a wedding photographer is to pick someone whose work makes you smile. The wedding photographer who sparks that feeling in your gut when you are drawn to something you’re attracted to. If candid wedding photography does that for you, contact me and we can talk about the photographs that will forever bring you back to how you felt on your wedding day.