Cute Baby Bump Photos

May 1, 2020

Heather and Mike were only a few weeks away from when their daughter, Olivia, would enter the world when Mike finally got the hint Heather had been giving… she wanted some cute baby bump photos to remember what she looked like before their baby joined their family.

But the reason it took Mike some time to get the photos, and for Heather to ask for them, was because neither were very interested in the typical stand and look at the camera maternity photography they were seeing.

Mike saw my documentary work through another client (I do commercial photography for Power by You) and he asked if I would photograph Heather. Now, it’s obvious that commercial photography is not maternity photography! But what connects them is how I photograph people.

My work is focused on genuine, candid moments between humans doing something they love–whether they’re with their families, they’re doing work they’re proud of, or getting married. Knowing they wouldn’t have to pose or be asked to do something they wouldn’t normally do, Heather and Mike chose me to photograph this very special time in their lives.

Heather is light hearted and LOVES her dog and garden. So we worked those elements into her cute baby bump photos and voila: maternity photos both her and Mike feel represents who they are.

If you want baby bump photos that your tiny human will be able to see when they’re grown and understand a little of who you were before they arrived, please contact me. I would love to make photographs that will help your little one see their parents’ life before kids!