Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June 13, 2020

Father’s Day is almost here, and it’s been a challenging year for many families. Celebrating Father’s Day on June 21 is an opportunity to make some really special memories out of the obstacles 2020 has presented. I thought I’d share some Father’s Day gift ideas that are less about the gift, and more about giving Dad some love.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas 1: Real Family Time

What do you love to do as a family? If your kids are older and they’ve been doing their own thing for a while, ask them what they loved doing with Dad when they were younger. Sit down together as a family, and share with Dad the things you love/loved to do… then go do them! 

An afternoon on the lake, playing catch in a field, board games at the house… take the afternoon for yourselves as a family unit. The idea is to keep it simple and carefree, without cellphones or distractions. Even if it’s just an hour reconnecting over a couple of card games and his favourite snacks, simple activities that bring us together warm the heart.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2: A little break

You know him best: is he an introvert? Extrovert? Has he been shouldering some heavy loads recently? Maybe he would love an uninterrupted hour or two to himself. Would he love to take an afternoon nap, or enjoy a little solo adventure? Perhaps a gift certificate to his favourite coffee shop? Give him some quality time—by himself. 

Father’s Day Gift Ideas 3: The way to his heart is through his stomach

Is he an early riser? Stop by his favourite coffee shop and get him his favourite beverage and breakfast food. Or would he rather sleep in? Close to the bedroom door, keep the house quiet and when he starts to stir, start his favourite style of eggs.

If he’s a night owl…  Make plans to order a pizza, or make it together from scratch, dough and everything… but you might want to have a backup frozen pie in the freezer just in case!

If your father is far away, you could order his favourite food to be delivered to him (surprise!) in time for your scheduled Zoom or FaceTime.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas 4: Zero Responsibilities

For the week of Father’ Day, make a list of the the chores dad usually does. Assign them instead to the kids. They might not get done how he does them, but small acts of service can be really thoughtful. Show him how much he’s appreciated by taking over his responsibilities this week.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas 5: Plan a Date

If you’re a kid reading this, this could mean encouraging your parent to take your dad out — maybe you could set the table at home or buy a gift certificate from a restaurant they like. If you’re the spouse and you’re celebrating your partner, get a sitter for an hour or two if money’s tight and take some time for yourselves—even if it’s just a walk together.

We often get stuck on “what to get” for dad, but the simple experience gifts are often the best way to reconnect and remind him what he means to the family.

Just take care of the details and plan a few hours you’re certain he would love.

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