Kootenay Family Photographer

January 2, 2020


new dad holds brand-new baby's hand in nelson bc birth photography

As a Kootenay family photographer, I photograph your family candidly—we spend our time doing things that you enjoy doing together. The purpose for me during that activity is to find creative ways to illustrate your relationships and your personalities, as well as your environment and your values. I love family photography because I always leave the session with a feeling of hope. Families are simply doing their best, all the time. It’s vulnerable to have your photo taken. But for those who have photos of their childhood to look back on, those people have an infinitely important gift: a portal to their family history. I think it’s so important to be photographed, to see your life and your emotions through someone else’s eyes. I guarantee you the honest beauty of you interacting with your kids is one of the longest lasting gifts you can give them.

The following photos are my favourites among all the awesome families who shared their days with me.

Girls follow their grandma along the shore of kootenay lake in nelson bc family photo
Granddaughters chase their grandma along a beach on Kootenay Lake. Grandma was really playful, and the girls were always following her lead. I think the photo is a perfect representation of what they’ll remember about these days when they get older.
kids chase their dad in gyro park, nelson bc
Who remembers chasing their dad?
Two women laugh in front of log pile in nelson bc family photo
The one above and the next two images are of Kate and Deanna, awaiting Florence. When I make prenatal photos, I try to show the dynamic in the relationship. Deanna is more playful, Kate is more the rock. You can see that in this photo, as well as how they hold each other in the bath tub. But even more so, as Kate moves a lock of hair out of Deanna’s eyes as she nurses their baby. Teamwork makes dreams work, and this baby was a dream come true for them.
Two women in the bathtub during nelson bc family photo
wife moves the hair out of her wife's face while she nurses their baby in nelson bc family photo
Boy pulls his cousin by the collar on the shore of kootenay lake
A day on the lake. Harrison pulls his cousin’s life jacket, wanting him to play, but he’s more interested in a bug on the rock. A sweet illustration of their dynamic.
girl chases after dog with frisbee in nelson bc family photo
Role reversal! Sophie the dog teases Bekka with the frisbee.
Boys play with their uncle on the shore of kootenay lake
Artful photos often include triangles in the composition of the subject–the lines lead your eye to where the artist wants you to look. Here we can see the relationship of the boys with their uncle, demonstrated with the composition including two triangles.
grandpa looks for minnows in kootenay lake family photo with his granddaughters
I love this moment of reflection. Grandpa searches for minnows, as his granddaughters watch and learn. They will no doubt remember these summer mornings.
Kid runs into the house after stepping out of her princess dress in nelson bc family photo
A little girl changes out of her play clothes as she runs inside the house.
Couple looks at brand new baby as she nurses in nelson bc family photography
A quiet moment with their new baby, mom and dad are engrossed with her tiny features as mom breastfeeds.
boys in kayak on kootenay lake
I absolutely love this image. It’s a classic moment for a Kootenay family photographer. These two little guys are on a kayak in what could be the very middle of Kootenay lake. They’re so small out there, in a giant world.
Family walks along colourful street in nelson bc family photo
The photo above and the following two images are group portraits. Rather than having everyone sit in one spot, I like to make you walk through beautiful places (like this street by my house)….
kids throw leaves at their parents during nelson bc family photo in lion's park
… throw leaves on your parents’ head to make them laugh…
multiple family members play on the teeter totter in a nelson bc family photo
…or get all the kids and their kids on the teeter totter. This one was a big challenge to make and I absolutely love how it turned out.

The following slideshow is from a Day in the Life family photography session on Alex’s graduation day. Each image shows a bit of who he and his family are. Some of the most telling images include: Alex wrestling with his cousin, Alex getting his tie put on with the help of his family (a ritual for men on special occasions), Alex having a group photo made as their female friends tell them where to stand, Alex having a pizza break with his boys in the change room where they met playing hockey, and finally, Alex and his friends in the cavalcade that goes through town in honour of the Nelson BC 2019 Graduation class. I hope you enjoy!

It’s nearly impossible to choose the best Kootenay wedding and family photographer. “The Best” is purely subjective. But I do hope that in describing why these photos are my favourite, they can help you decide whether I’d be the best wedding and family photographer for you. If immortalizing your family history is important to you, or you simply like artful and purposeful photos of people you love, please get in touch with me here. I’m so looking forward to meeting you.