I’m Bobbi Barbarich



Kootenay wedding photographer Bobbi Barbarich doing a high kick

I am inspired by the sincere connections and subtle expressions that define who we are.

Being able to observe and document human connection through photography has taught me to be vulnerable, to be empathetic, to relish authentic, real life, and to experience the power in feeling our memories. And at the end of the day, our photographs are our memories, and that's all we'll have left.

While I live in Nelson BC, I travel throughout British Columbia and beyond--documenting authentic human connection at weddings and in families, on big days and every day.

My family is Croatian, and they added an 'H' on the end of our name, Barbaric, when my grandpa came to Canada. I was bullied as a kid for being big and strong, and so I loathed my name. But now, I love it. I have fully embraced being barbaric!

I owe a lot of that acceptance to photography. Through clients who have welcomed me into their lives, I have learned that sharing our honest stories is a meaningful and vital part of our family history.

Kootenay wedding photographer Bobbi Barbarich

Photographs that make you FEEL what you FELT.

Let me share with you an example of what photography means to me.

This photo is of me, doing what I love most. Running in the mountains with my magical muppet, Harlan. He's getting older now, and he doesn't love really long days running in the hills anymore. But every second I spend with him, I smile like this. I know he won't be around forever. And so, this is one of my favourite photos of all time.

This photo will forever let me feel what I felt on our adventures together.

call it candid. call it natural. call it unposed.

photos about what you feel,

rather than just what you look like.

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Wife moves the hair off the forehead of her wife as she breastfeeds their baby
kootenay wedding photography of couple walking down the slocan rail trail
Elopement photography of couple standing on East End of Rundle Mountain by Nelson BC photographer Bobbi Barbarich


International award winning photographer Bobbi Barbarich's best overall photo of the documentary family awards 2019 cycle
Bride and groom cry while saying their vows at Vallican whole wedding by bobbi barbarich, Masters of Photography award winner
Winner of ISPWP awards to nelson bc photographer bobbi barbarich, of nude bather exiting kootenay lake in front of bride and groom
Fearless Photographer award winning image of grandson and grandpa crying at Lakeview lodge wedding

Kootenay wedding couple stands under frog peak in the slocan valley

FEEL how you FELT...

Whenever you look at your photographs.

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