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Kootenay wedding photographer Bobbi Barbarich doing a high kick

Let's. Get. Real.

I am absolutely fascinated by humans. How we connect, how we communicate, how we roll. What a gesture means, a glance, a ruckus embrace.

I lift people up to see how very cool their lives are, how incredible it is to feel these feelings, and how good it tastes to suck on the marrow of our lives savoured in the photos I give you.

I'm a documentarian. Not a director. I won't ever tell you to stop living your life so I can make a photo. I'm just going to make photos of you living your very real life.

If you're ready to get real, then I have a gift for you.

I have a gift for you.

I was born with an uncanny strength, an ability to lift heavy things... literally and metaphorically. It comes from a super deep, utterly honest place in my heart.

This strength allows me to lift others up, to give them a perspective they can't see.

When I share this gift with you, you'll be able to see your fam, and yourself, in a way you didn't know was there.

And you'll be able to feel what it's like to be fully present, fully real, with your loves.

Kootenay wedding photographer Bobbi Barbarich

Photographs that make you FEEL what you FELT.

Let me share with you an example of what photography means to me.

This photo is of me, doing what I love most. Running in the mountains with my magical muppet, Harlan. He's getting older now, and he doesn't love really long days running in the hills anymore. But every second I spend with him, I smile like this. I know he won't be around forever. And so, this is one of my favourite photos of all time.

This photo will forever let me feel what I felt on our adventures together.

call it candid. call it natural. call it unposed.

photos about what you feel,

Instead of what you look like.

The Irony

My husband is better at stories than me, and he has no idea.

What is it about our partners that fill in the spaces we have? Jay is the last person to leave the house, the last person to eat, the last person to go to bed. He's so damn thoughtful it breaks my heart. But watching him, observing how he interacts with people and how they light up and feel seen, how innately he cares about other people's well being... that's what I've come to strive for. I want people to know their story matters, just as they are, and I do it through photos.

My photographs are the stories you tell people like Jay.

Mountains and Mutts

Meet Spicy Chicken Linda Loo and Harlan the Darlin'

We haven't had kids, just dogs.

It's indelibly affected how I photograph humans. Having kids is an experience I will never have, but I can feel it in my photographs. I don't care about the typical stuff parents might worry about in a typical photo session--is there food on their face, are their clothes dirty, are they listening to the nice photographer lady?

I don't care about any of that. I care about YOU. What actually matters is how much you love your kids, how you support them, how you foster their growth. Who you are is what matters. And we won't see that if we're worried about what we look like.

What matters is how you feel. And that's what I shoot.

Some quick trivia about me

I actually have a Master's degree

I'm obsessed with:

in Nutrition & Metabolism


Nothing makes me happier than

My favourite person is

Post-adventure beer in a hammock

My husband, Jay

I’m addicted to

I started this business

Peanut Butter

At the age of 30

My favourite word

My perfect hobby


Trail running & dog snuggling

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FEEL how you FELT...

Whenever you look at your photographs.

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