Kootenay Wedding

November 16, 2021

Planning a wedding can be hard. But when you’re this solid, there’s nothing that can stop you.

1. Tell me about your thoughts leading up to this day…  How did it feel to make your choices and marry one another?

To say that we were both overwhelmed is an understatement. Going through a pandemic and trying to adhere to the government restrictions, but also trying to get exactly what you wished and hoped for was challenging to say the least…. but when the day finally arrived, after being with each other for over nine years, every frustration, worry, argument, leading up to that day vanished and the focus was on each other. Making this decision to become each others live in best friend was the easiest decision we ever made.

2. Why did you choose the Kootenay Wedding spot you did? ​

Marcus proposed to me on one of the trails near [his parents’] cabin [on Kootenay Lake], which made the place more special to the both of us. We wanted our wedding location to be special and to be able to speak to who we were. So, it wasn’t even a question about where. We just always knew. 

3. What was your favourite part of your Kootenay Wedding day?

To be honest, this entire day was a blur! When people say to soak it all up and to enjoy every moment because it goes by extremely fast, THEY WERE NOT KIDDING!! Before we knew it, it was over! After reflecting on it, our favorite part of the day was just after the first look, [during couple portrait time] when we were being “adventurous” climbing on rocks and goofing off together while Bobbi followed us around with her camera. 

4. What were your favourite Kootenay Wedding details and why?

​Emily: Marcus and I are both extremely and proudly basic. His wardrobe isn’t anything fancy or out there, so when he got a suit tailored to him I was like WOWOOWOWOWOWOWOW. Seeing him in a suit is like trying to see a snow leopard… it is rare. Marcus got his wedding suit in Regina, Saskatchewan from Colin O’Brian’s Man’s Shoppe... the pants definitely accentuated his hockey butt…so no complains there 🙂.

Marcus: I loved everything about the way she looked -she was stunning… as soon as I saw her I thought to myself, “yup, that is an Emily dress for sure!!” The lace detail was elegant and the style spoke to the area we were in. Emily purchased her dress from Sweet Pea and Noelle in Regina. The cool thing about this bridal boutique is that all the dresses are Canadian made. Emily is not one to wear make-up everyday, and …. [their] make-up was STUNNING! It wasn’t over the top and just looked simply natural. I don’t want to be biased, but I have been to a fair share of weddings, and I wholeheartedly believe that the make-up of these ladies was the best I have ever seen. Aura Spa in Nelson, B.C. you killed it!! 

Bridal flowers complemented the soft mauve hue, by Posie’s Flower Shop.

5. Why did you choose Kootenay wedding photographer, Bobbi Barbarich?

​When Marcus and I were perusing Bobbi’s website, many things stuck out to us. First, we loved how in her description of herself she spoke of how she takes many candid photos. To Marcus and I, this was music to our ears. We both can be very awkward when in front of the camera, so we got really excited at the prospect of just being ourselves and doing our own thing as a camera followed us around. Of course, we knew we would have to pose for a few photos here and there -no escaping that!

Second, she loves dogs!!!!! We instantly bonded over our beloved pets and actually ended up shoving our dogs into our zoom sessions with each other!

Third, her energy and overall vibe! Bobbi’s energy is infectious. We loved how comfortable she made us feel and had us laughing constantly when we were together. We also felt that we could open up to her about our own experiences which made us connect even more! Our bridal party made the point several times throughout the day that Bobbi was, in fact, the best photographer they have ever worked with -and that is saying a lot when majority of them are married themselves!

Lastly, her photos speak for themselves. They are stunning! Bobbi has a way of not only capturing the beauty of the environment, but the beauty and bond that the people whom she is photographing share. Along with the fact that she makes you feel relaxed and at ease make for one BOMB photographer! 

Emily and Marcus chose the Dream Wedding Package–it includes everything you could possibly want to remember your day. A gorgeous album and wall art, in addition to an engagement session so your wedding photos are comfortable and authentic, and an after-wedding adventure session so we can go somewhere super awesome you won’t be able to on your wedding day! Contact me here to book your 2022 wedding… I’ve got a few Fall and Spring dates available!