Small Kootenay Wedding

October 27, 2020

Ayla and Dave are so naturally romantic, I don’t want to speak for them. So I asked them to share how they felt about their small, and very intimate, Kootenay wedding.

Tell us about planning a small Kootenay wedding.

We were planning on having a big celebration with all our family and friends but CVOID just made that impossible. I mean, we want to hug, kiss, drink and dance the night away with everyone, so we knew we would not be able to celebrate the way we wanted.

2020 has been a year of some pretty serious challenges and turmoil but it’s also been the year of clarity in some ways, forcing us to reflect on what is really important in life. And we just felt like we didn’t want to wait. We wanted to get married! It was hard not having Dave’s parents here. I would say that was absolutely the hardest part in the decision, but everyone supported our love and decision, and it actually turned out magically. 

With the change in plans, venue and guest list, we ended up getting married at our new house, barefoot in our own grass. It was actually perfect. Strangely enough, I think COVID allowed us to have our dream wedding that we didn’t even know we wanted. Tiny, intimate and just about us, our life together and our love. I mean that’s pretty special.

What was your favourite part about the day?

Oh gosh honestly it was just all so perfect. I think the intimateness and love. And it was so chill and relaxed. There was zero stress, which I feel like is rare for a wedding.

Rearranging wedding plans allowed us to focus on what was really important, the little details that mattered to us. For me, I love flowers and gardening, so I wanted a beautiful bouquet. Lana at Hummingbird Farms was just wonderful to work with. When I held my bouquet for the first time that morning and looked in the mirror, I started to cry. It was just so perfect and everything I wanted (plus certified organic so it feels good on the conscience)!

One of the biggest things for us though was getting good pictures and with COVID changing the plans, this was even more important. I did a ton of research into Kootenay wedding photographers and Bobbi was absolutely my favorite! I like the style of photography that when you look at a photo, you can feel that moment and relive it and looking at Bobbi’s work, I got that depth of emotion. And honestly, I could not be happier!! The pictures she took and the moments she captured are absolutely stunning and I can actually feel the love between us. Our hearts are just filled with so much love and we have been sharing this with all our friends and family. So many people have said, oh man Bobbi nailed it- she really captured the love and feeling of the day!!

What’s your wedding advice for other couples getting married?

Ohh a couple things. First, really make sure that you take some time to be alone on your wedding day, wether it’s doing a first look with just the two of you and the photograther, or sneaking off after the ceremony for some private shots- those are the moments that will be filled with the most love. 

And my other advice, is pick a photographer whose style you really love. I mean that’s how you capture and remember the day. You are better to go with someone whose style you love and get like 4 hours of amazing memories, then maybe someone who price is lower but their work doesn’t resonate with you as much. For us, with me being a full-time student, cost was a significant issue, but Bobbi was amazing to work with. She has packages of all different costs and worked with us to find something that worked. Now we have stunning pictures to share with our loved ones and remember the day forever.

Ayla and Dave, thank you so much for trusting me to part of your special day. I’m so grateful to have witnessed your relationship.

Reader, if you’re looking for a photographer for your small Kootenay wedding, email me here.