The 3 Most Romantic Wedding Ideas Ever

June 8, 2022

If we’re going to talk about the 3 most romantic wedding ideas ever, we better start with an excerpt from a love poem:

nothing even matters
except love and human connection
who you loved
and how deeply you loved them

-Rupi Kaur

Now that we’re in the right mindset, let’s talk about the practicalities of wedding romance. Your wedding will definitely be one of the most romantic days of your lives. But it will also be one of the busiest days of your lives. It will slip by faster than you can imagine. Everyone, including me, will tell you to ‘slow down and enjoy the moment’ but seriously… how? How do we slow down time?

The answer is intentional action, taken together. There is so much to do and so many people to spend time with at your wedding, we often miss out spending time with the person we’re about to marry! You will need to plan to have specific times during the day, or days leading up to your wedding, to be alone. The following 3 most romantic wedding ideas ever aim to make that alone time super meaningful, and totally memorable.

1. Book a pre-wedding adventure session with your wedding photographer. 

Say yes if any of these scenarios apply to you:

  • Your wedding schedule is tight 
  • You don’t want to leave your guests for an extended period
  • You want something a little more adventurous than your wedding day will allow

If you said yes to any of these, then a pre-wedding adventure session is PERFECT.

We spend a few hours going somewhere we can’t on your wedding day: mountain tops, lakes, forests, even a craft brewery or coffee shop. There, you’ll do the things that are really meaningful to you but you don’t want to risk getting dirty/wet/sweaty on your wedding day. Bonus: you can relax into the session rather than being held to a schedule. 

It’s such a beautiful, calm and intentional way to celebrate your relationship and the places and activities you enjoy together. It’ll amp up the romance as you remember how you fell in love and why you’re with this person.

After all, love is an adventure… your wedding should be, too!

2. Have a Private Vow Ceremony.

Wondering if you should do a private vow ceremony? Or even, what the heck a private vow ceremony is?

Well, it’s anything you want to make it! But here’s the basics…

During a private vow ceremony, you and your partner read your vows to each other in private, with no one else around. When you write just for your loved one, there’s no expectation that others are listening, so you can say whatever is on your heart and mind. You write your own vows for your person, without having to worry about anyone else hearing you or understanding your inside jokes.

You can do private vows before the ceremony–this works especially well if you’re doing a first look. Then, you can say standard vows at your ceremony.

Either way, writing private vows and saying them directly to your love instead of reading your deepest feelings into a microphone in front of a few dozen or more people definitely has some advantages! You get to spend a few romantic moments together, without time or spectator pressure, and you get to say exactly what you want to say.

BONUS: you’ll have these beautiful vows to read to one another whenever you want a little romance in your daily lives.

3. Get Ready Together.

Most couples are a little surprised when I suggest this. But think about it for a second…

They’re your best friend. They’ve been with you through everything. You likely live together, and you get ready together all the time. 

Yes, I know. A wedding is a very, VERY special day. You don’t necessarily need your person to see you stick cutlets to your chest. And seeing each other for the first time is part of the excitement of the day. 

BUT… if that day is full of a lot of things and the time you will spend alone is minimal, getting ready together is shockingly romantic–and maybe one of the most intimate things you could experience. 

Just imagine it for a second: the love of your life helps you with the every day steps of putting on your clothes. But today is not every day. 

Getting ready together forever changes how you approach this routine. 

And going forward, when you help them with their buttons because they’re too arthritic to do it for themselves, you might just remember that time they helped you with your buttons on your wedding day, on a dress or suit you bought because you wanted to feel beautiful for that person, on the day you promised you’d get ready with them every day, forever. 

Your wedding is all about what you want to celebrate about your life together. Maybe you haven’t thought about celebrating the getting ready part. 

But it’s an option. A really, really romantic option. 

And there you have it. The 3 most romantic wedding ideas ever. Whether you choose one or all three of these ideas, spending more intentional time together on your wedding day is the single most important way to ramp up the romance of your wedding.

Want more ideas? I love sharing romantic wedding ideas from the several hundred wedding couples I’ve had the honour to photograph. Just click here to contact me and we can start planning how to make your wedding the most romantic day ever!