What if it rains on your wedding day?

March 30, 2020

What if it rains on your wedding day? These tips can help:

1. Hire a professional

2. Expect the weather you don’t want

  • I am a firm believer that if you prepare for something, the worst case scenario won’t happen!
  • I always have at least one umbrella, and we’ll talk about what umbrellas will look good with your wedding party, or where we can take the wedding party if you don’t want to use umbrellas.
  • Another way to manage expectations is to hire a wedding coordinator. They’re extraordinarily helpful! Whether you choose day-of coordination or full event preparation, your wedding coordinator knows how to keep your stress levels and to-do lists off your mind, so you can enjoy whatever your day has in store.

3. Make a game plan with your photographer

  • Being a British Columbia wedding photographer based in the Kootenays means that we are very likely to get rain at weddings in June and September, and snow in April and October.
  • I’ve learned to work with all kinds of precipitation, whether a steady stream or intermittent showers. We will talk about rain at our pre-wedding meeting, and I’ll coordinate with your coordinator.
  • Put some just-in-case room in your schedule, and you won’t risk having buy additional hours on your wedding day (which are usually more expensive than the package), and you won’t feel stressed out by the time AND the weather.

4. Embrace the rain

Inclement weather brings us together! This is especially true for weddings. “Bad” weather encourages us to laugh because we can’t control it.

  • It helps us to accept things we cannot change, and hopefully to see the positives in a challenging situation.
  • Realistically, rain or snow can pose some obstacles with clothing and comfort. Remind your guests to bring an umbrella if they have one, and a jacket. It may sound simple, but reminders help!
  • If your wedding photographer is willing to work with the weather rather than against it, the weather can turn out to be unique to you, and even reveal relationships and personalities that might not otherwise be obvious.
  • And what happens after the rain? RAINBOWS!

4. Your Wedding Photographer can make it Awesome.

If you’ve:

  • hired a professional photographer,
  • found some umbrellas you like,
  • reminded your guests to bring a jacket and
  • made plans for indoor options or schedule changes,

Your wedding will be fantastic!

And the rain just might make your wedding day that much more special.

If you want to talk more about what to do if it rains on your wedding day, contact me. I’d love to have a coffee with you.