Zoom Wedding

May 31, 2020

Social gatherings, including weddings, are changing. And for the foreseeable future, we will need to adjust how we celebrate milestones. COVID-19 has changed how we plan weddings, but love isn’t cancelled. Small gatherings (less than 50 people) are allowed in British Columbia, so intimate weddings are now possible. Some couples are eloping now and having their big receptions later. Another option is a Zoom wedding.

Lots of couples still want to have their ceremony with their guests present. Even with travel restrictions, a Zoom wedding can bring your people to you!

We’ll set your ceremony in a location with cellular reception, and host the ceremony using the magic of live streaming. It’s easy, it’s unique to our time, and you don’t have to continue trying to choose between getting married now, and not having your people with you.

While you won’t be able to hug your loved ones who can’t travel to be with you, you can see their faces and hear their voices as they watch you say your vows and promise to love one another forever. Zoom allows you to record the ceremony, so you’ll have their well wishes and your ceremony for safe keeping.

How to host a Zoom Wedding

I’m well versed in Zoom’s meeting capabilities–it’s what we’ll use when we meet to talk about your wedding! I’ll walk you through the steps if you need help. I’ve created several packages to help you share your wedding with your loved ones, whether they’re within your bubble or across the continent.

Please get in touch with me, so your love doesn’t have to wait!