August Wedding at Blaylock Mansion

May 11, 2020
Wedding couple portrait in the greenery at blaylock mansion
Wedding ceremony at blaylock mansion overlooking kootenay lake

Ashley and Taylor hosted an August wedding at Blaylock Mansion, a historical landmark overlooking Kootenay Lake near Nelson BC. Blaylock is a popular destination and a truly stunning location for wedding photography. It’s a perfect spot for out of town couples looking for a place that lots of their family can stay. This was really important to Ashley and Taylor–they have a big, close family with lots of young kids, and it was a celebration of the start of their families coming together.

Mom helps daughter get ready at blaylock mansion
bride gets ready with her bridesmaids in blaylock mansion honeymoon suite
bride walks down stairs of blaylock mansion

There are several wedding ceremony sites on the upper levels of the gardens. Ashley and Taylor chose a site where you can look all the way down the West Arm of Kootenay Lake for their August wedding at Blaylock Mansion, and we were blessed with a cool, clear day with only a few clouds in the sky. It was a perfect setting for their emotional vows and supportive families.

Father of the bride gives groom final handshake before ceremony
Groom reaches for bride's tear in wedding ceremony at blaylock mansion
Groom wipes away tears in ceremony at blaylock mansion
Bride and groom walk down the aisle during wedding ceremony at blaylock mansion
Groom looks at bride after wedding ceremony
Groom gets hugs after wedding ceremony

Fittingly, the speeches and reception were full of tears, laughs and amazing dance moves. Taylor’s grandma, his mom and his dad were all incredibly happy for him, and it was really important that his wedding photographs show just how much support and love they have for him. Likewise, Ashley’s family was also incredibly happy, but their gestures were funny and endearing.

Grandma has a moment with her grandson at his wedding
Emotional responses to wedding toasts
Guests laugh at wedding toasts
Bride dancing with her step dad at her blaylock mansion wedding reception

It’s really fascinating and rewarding as a wedding photographer to be able to capture these moments for you to look back on, decades down the road. Your wedding photographs will describe what your family is like—Taylor and Ashley’s family had different but equally beautiful expressions of love for the couple.

The dance party was the highlight for everyone, especially the kids. Ashley has 14 nieces and nephews, and the party was geared toward them with fun music and a wedding cake piñata. Ashley danced with both her dads, and the grandkids had a dance off with costumes from the photo booth props.

girl doing handstand nearly falls over during blaylock mansion wedding reception
Kids hitting piñata at blaylock mansion wedding reception
bridesmaid with all the kids at the blaylock mansion swimming pool
Kids dancing at blaylock mansion wedding reception
Bride dancing with kids at her Blaylock mansion wedding

If you’re looking to remember the emotion of your wedding day and the genuine connections you have with your people, please contact me. I would love to hear about your family, and give you moment-driven photographs for your family history.

bride and groom giggle during a snuggle